Litigation is a one of the services our Firm can extend to you.


Our litigation work includes dignified aggressive, focused representation in state and federal administrative agencies and court systems.  Our experience is the substantive equivalent of demonstrated hands-on clinical emergency medical skill.

As we represent you we act as your voice.  We insulate and protect you from the onslaught of big institutions, government enforcement agencies & others who will threaten and bully you, and  manipulate things and people to subjugate and overwhelm you.  Their goal is to defeat you.

Use what we are, what we provide.

When a contentious, litigation challenge confronts you benefit from our proven longevity and continuing success.  Others will perceive you as having that extra credibility, gravitas and weight that comes from our credentials and experience.  Objectively review your challenge and consciously take advantage of what we are and offer.

But even if your needs do not directly appear to require our litigation help, make no mistake about it, what we’ve proven ourselves to be continues to work to your advantage.  No matter how subtle, it comes into play in everything we do.  All of our planning, structuring and negotiating work benefit from it.  Even when litigation is not considered it will be acknowledged and taken into account by others.

Take the test. Take a look at the range of different litigation and non-litigation matters that we handle.  Ask yourself whether our expansive experience and demonstrated results won’t help you optimize your results.

We’re certain you will conclude that they do.