How to Become a Client

There are several preliminary steps that we need to work through before you become a client.

  • You need to present your matter to us so we can consider it. We refer to that process as an initial “exam.” Since every person, business and specific challenges are unique, the “exam” process is exploratory, so during that time you understand and agree that we have not accepted, and are not obligated to accept taking on your matter as legal counsel, or the responsibility to act as legal counsel in any regard, for you, or for any other person or entity. We charge a fee for each “exam.” Additionally, we always have the right to exercise our unfettered discretion not to accept the responsibility to serve as legal counsel in any matter or for any person or party. We do not accept all matters presented to us during an exams.
  • After the “exam” process is complete, our fee for that exam has been earned. At that time we will indicate whether we would be able to serve as your legal counsel. We would also set the terms and conditions under which we would consider doing so.
  • To proceed further, you will have to want to engage us, agree to our terms, and provide for your payment of our fees and expenses. Thereafter, and assuming you, and we decide and agree to engage in an client, attorney relationship, we would prepare a written attorney/client engagement agreement that must be signed by you and us. Additionally, any preliminary conditions or requirements that we require would have to be completed by you. We tailor each attorney/client engagement agreement for the specific matter at hand. That agreement would set forth the scope of the work we will perform, your financial and payment responsibilities to us, and any other issues that we consider material to that attorney/client relationship.

You become our client and we become your attorneys only after you and we sign the specific Attorney Client Engagement Agreement that we prepared for you, and only after you satisfy the payment requirements. We have no responsibility to serve as your legal counsel in any way prior to that Attorney Client Engagement Agreement is formally executed.

Note: during the “exam” process your signing an IRS or state power of attorney, or similar authorization does not mean that we are acting as your legal counsel. You also agree that we can terminate each such IRS or State powers or attorney, or similar authorization at any time, and within our sole discretion.